Capsule Holder Bundle – 250 pods + Cleaning Pods + Descaler (Save 42%)


With our 250 capsule Ultimate Capsule Holder Bundle you can sample every blend that we offer of our coffee capsules compatible with Nespresso machines as well as our Cleaning Capsules, our Descaler, and our Capsule holder. In this bundle you will receive a total of 25 boxes, including flavors, decafs, teas, and high intensity blends. The Gourmesso Capsule Holder is made of durable 100% natural bamboo and it fits up to 36 pods. Have fun organizing your favorite Gourmesso Espressos with our eco-friendly capsule stand. The perfect storing solution to declutter your kitchen or office space. Our Espresso Pods clean and minimal design not only helps create a decluttered area, but it also allows you to quickly access your favorite blends. Bundle Contents 1 Capsule Holder 1 Descaler packet 1 box of Cleaning Capsules 1 box of Etiopia Blend Forte 1 box of White Chocolate Coffee 1 box of Brasile Blend Dolce 1 box of Lungo Arabica Forte 1 box of Vanilla – Vaniglia 1 box of Chocolate – Cioccolato 1 box of Caramel – Caramello 2 boxes of Tarrazu Forte 1 box of Hazelnut – Nocciola 1 box of Coconut – Soffio Noce di Cocco 1 box of Almond – Mandorla 1 box of Honduras Pura Forte 1 box of Decaf Chocolate 1 box of Decaf Vanilla 1 box of Colombia Pura Forte 1 box of Fruit Plum Infusion Tea 1 box of Black Infusion Tea 1 box of Herbal Mint Infusion Tea 1 box of Green Infusion Tea 1 box of Nite Owl 2 boxes of Midnite Monkey 2 boxes of Late Nite Lemur Intensity Range Low/Dolce (3) – High/Forte (12) Compatibility Capsules work in Original Line Nespresso machines ONLY. Gourmesso Capsules do NOT fit in Nespresso Vertuo machines (formerly: VertuoLine, Dolce Gusto, Keurig, nor other systems)

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